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Panel Installation

Login to https://www.directadmin.com/clients/  (User/pass provided on request)

View license tagged as FREE and save license ID number

Edit in server IP and save

Edit in OS and save

Remove Tag

Login to server via putty. Depending on datacenter may login as root or two step.

# yum install gcc-c++

# yum install flex

# wget http://www.directadmin.com/setup.sh

(IF wget fails: # yum install wget )

# chmod 755 setup.sh

# ./setup.sh

user: 3548

License: From above

Hostname: server.DOMAINHERE.com

answer Y to each question until it asks if you want Apache 1 or 2. Pick 2

When completed you must copy the login info immediately and paste into an email to send to Lbrown@gotwebhost.com

Login to DirectAdmin panelex

Go to IP Management and add IP's provided. You add sequential D classes together, such as would add all IP's between 34 and 44. Netmask will be the same as what you see with the server IP. Do not worry if you see error message saying IP's already there. You need to do this to make them visible.

Go back to putty.

# passwd root

paste root password


Go back to DirectAdmin

Click File Editor

Use drop down menu to find sshd_config Click Show File

Insert root password in box at bottom right and click authenticate. Should get message that it was accepted.

Go back to File Editor and sshd_config

Find line that shows #PermitRootLogin yes

change to PermitRootLogin no  (Must remove #)


Go to Home then Service Monitor

restart sshd

Logout of DirectAdmin

exit putty

Fill in all applicable info in customers Products/Services page including Login info in the Assigned IPs field, his root password in the password field. The dedicated IP is the primary server IP you used to access with putty.

Save changes, and View Order.

Tick Send Welcome Email

Accept Order


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